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Commission Status: Open

I accept payment in both deviantART points and Euro

Paper format

A3 paper format 297 x 420 mm (11,7" x 16,5" inches)

A4 paper format 210 x 297 mm (8,3" x 11,7" inches)


Traditional art

+10€ or 1000Points for detailed background 
+5€ or 500Points for simple background 

Colored pencils

[A3]   portrait 20€ or 2000Points 

[A4]  portrait 10€ or 1000Points 

Prince by AngelInTheHeartMy dog drawing [Nika] by AngelInTheHeartPet commission by AngelInTheHeart

+10€ or 1000Points per additional character (A3 paper max six characters)
+5€ or 500Points  per additional character (A4 paper max three characters)

[A3] full body 25€ or 2500Points 

[A4]  full body 15€ or 1500Points 

Pifas by AngelInTheHeartExploring with german shepherd by AngelInTheHeart

+15€ or 1500Points per additional character (A3 paper max four characters)
+10€ or 1000Points  per additional character (A4 paper max two characters)

Graphite pencil

[A3] portrait 15€ or 1500Points

[A4]  portrait 7€ or 700Points  

Horse by AngelInTheHeartDoberman with a gun! by AngelInTheHeart

+10€ or 1000Points per additional character (A3 paper max six characters)
+5€ or 500Points  per additional character (A4 paper max three characters)

[A3] full body 20€ or 2000Points 

[A4] full body 10€ or 1000Points 

DemonGirl by AngelInTheHeartLitlle Cat by AngelInTheHeart (only old works as examples)
+12€ or 1200Points per additional character (A3 paper max four characters)
+7€ or 700Points  per additional character (A4 paper max two characters)

Digital art

+7€ or 700Points for detailed background 
+4€ or 400Points for simple background 

portrait 15€ or 1500Points 

horse study by AngelInTheHeartSienna by AngelInTheHeart

+7€ or 700Points per additional character

full body 20€ or 2000Points 

Wild horse by AngelInTheHeartJed and Buddy by AngelInTheHeartJoey by AngelInTheHeart

+10€ or 1000Points per additional character


• If you want a traditional work to be shipped you will have to pay shipping expenses
• I will not be shipping digital art prints because I don't have a printer

Terms of Service

  • Do not send payment before I've clearly said yes, accepted or said you could send the payment! 
  • I prefer full payment before I start on your commission.
  • But if you wish you can pay half the price and then other half then I have finished your commission
  • The date of completion variate depending on my to-do list and personal life.
  • I won't give refunds after the finished version has been uploaded. 
  • I have the right to use the artwork for advertising purposes. 
  • You can use the artwork everywhere as long as you give me credit.
  • For almost all my drawings I use reference photos 

When commissioning me, you agree that you've read my terms of service.

Send me the note if you are interested! Hug

finished commissions:
Pifas by AngelInTheHeartSienna by AngelInTheHeartPet commission by AngelInTheHeartPrince by AngelInTheHeart

I hope you all have a wonderful day! :loves: V2 
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