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Fight by AngelInTheHeart Fight by AngelInTheHeart
This is the drawing for Hellmaster6492!!
I hope you like it! I personally think it's not really good I just don't know why, but I couldn't draw it as I imagined! I think I need much more practise drawing humans and etc. :D
By the way it's my second drawing actually because then I was almost finished with a first version I pressed save and paint tool sai crashed and I lost almost everything I think I've fainted.  Paint tool sai really started pissing me of lately because it's not the first time happening (I know I know I should save my work more often, but I can't then I'm drawing I'm so into it that I forgot to do that) 
Both characters belong to Hellmaster6492 once again I hope you will like it!Hug 
Hellmaster6492 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like that you did it and the detail on the gold and the webs and detail you kept on the swords and warlock but it feels like something is missing I don't know what but overall it was a good effort. Just a suggestion I don't mean any roodness by this but just an idea you might want to try phoshop its a great program for enhancing your art skills I know it did mine,  practice would make close to perfect heck with my work I did not like it when I drew it but after I got into photoshop I started to think that photoshop was the closest thing to get my ideas out of my head with the most detail and I practiced to get better and better I spent 2-3 years before I posted any of my ideas...I  spent most of my time in those 2-3 years trying to get better and better at photoshop at first all I could do is copy and paste but after finding the right patterns and the lighting and shadowing I got to the point I am now, but outside of photoshop I can't draw armors sadly I can only draw monsters and dragons and weapons with minimum detail but with photoshop you can use thousands of layers and brushes and patterns at your disposal not one layer like paper or default classic programs. for example here's the differences between 2011 and 2014 on one of my old projects
 Comparison Between Old And New by Hellmaster6492  I did not feel comfortable sharing copy and pasted stuff since a lot of people might know where you got the idea from and accuse me of steeling armor from video game characters to use as my own so I re-did it to make it more unique with patterns and lighting effects and boom it no longer looked copy and pasted it looked unique and made from my own design and starting sharing mid 2015 last year after getting a certain number of projects done.
AngelInTheHeart Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know every one suggests photoshop for projects like this, but we don't get along very well :D I just can't draw with it there are too many options brushes etc. that I don't know how to use, but I try it from time to time and never finish any works on it because I get so frustrated with it! I guess I just need maybe watch some more tutorials and give it a bit of time to practise! Thanks for your respond! Hug 
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August 21, 2016
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